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While the images on this site are mainly in the realm of "cute & cartoony doodles & sketches" the subject matter is fairly grotesque. You will find herewithin depictions of people being devored, cooked, canibalized, crushed, impaled, burnt, and the like. No one was tortured or maimed in the production of these drawings.

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News & Updates
Happy 2009 to everyone out there! As a resolution for this year I'm trying to get this site back in gear. Just spent a slew of hours here putting updates into the Art & Comics galleries! You'll find last year's New Year's Illustration in the Main Gallery along with a new one for 2009 too! You might notice that I've decided to join the galleries for 2008 & 2009 together. A similar approach is being used with the Comics galleries where I've strung the comic galleries for 2007 to 2009 all into one (with some new images included). I'll also point out that there's an image I put into the 2005 comic gallery of a new re-touched and watercolor painted Cavegirl vs. Bonebeast comic!